11It’s one thing to perform on YouTube, it’s a whole other world to get out and be seen in the flesh. So when it comes to taking on an audience, one can say that Cesare is a purist, an old soul of sorts because he has shared the stage with some of the most notable names in the game like the late great Jam Master Jay, Juvenile, Young Buck and Scarface. With those memories fresh on his mind, he’s looking to add to the pile with even more – especially since he’s got new music on the way to share with the world.

Cesare is a rapper who doesn’t just spit rhymes in English like many of his peers, he also tosses in some Italian into the mix. That gives him a unique sound when compared to everyone else out there in the mainstream right now. One doesn’t hear Kanye or Wiz turning it up in two languages. That isn’t the only thing that makes him stand out. He was making music at 14-years-old and just two years later opened his own label; All For One Records. After that he made TV appearances, worked with Young Buck and even recorded with Bizarre of D12. He says of his style, “These days majority of rappers all sound alike. They all have the same lyrics, same type of beats, same lyrical content. My music is different. With me you can get diversity. My music is special because it comes from a whole different viewpoint, is real and raw.”

Listeners can hear the proof on songs like “Silence,” his joint with Young Buck “Ask About ‘Em” and his latest single,  “Rain Dance.” Right now Cesare is working on new music and from there he plans on continuing on with his impressive performance track record by adding dates left and right, and getting out there with the people and performing around the US.


Cesare is an emcee from Detroit that has worked and performed with everyone from Young Buck to the late Jam Master Jay. He’s got a unique sound as he pulls double duty rhyming in both English and Italian, and is currently working on a new record.